I went shopping yesterday and ventured aimlessly into Build A Bear Workshop. It was early in the morning (10 am) and the store was empty save for the SA. He was very friendly and asked me if I’d been there before. Of course I have, knowing the 5-year-old that still lives in my head who wishes to one day find an excuse to actually “build a bear”. Then I reached the back of the store where adorable little tops, pants, skirts, hats, and even underwear lay in little compartments and hung on the walls. The SA helpfully pointed out, “We have a promotion right now! All the outfits are currently on sale, and come with a free pair of matching shoes!” I was sold on the “free pair of matching shoes” part, and immediately picked out a Vancouver Canucks outfit, complete with jersey, pants, and helmet, which was on sale for $14. It came with a free pair of black skates, originally priced at $10!

So here’s my little Quatchi in his new clothes. He’s the perfect size for these too! His legs are a tad bit too short for the pants though, but I think he looks cuter pant-less anyway.

Isn’t he adorable! *squishes* Now he can watch the game on Saturday with me and cheer the Canucks on! I’m planning on putting the number 1 on his back, since he’s a goalie and wants to be Luongo! 😀